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Coach Corinne

This is Corinne: curious, sensitive, creative, entrepreneurial
Target group: students or just graduated, young professionals, job switchers, entrepreneurs, creative, expats (German, English)
Coaching specialities: work-life balance, life or career steps, talent/creative/self- development, questions about the meaning of life or (romantic) relationships, body-mind connection, meditation and mindfulness

International experiences: lived/worked in the United States, Germany and the Netherlands
Languages: Dutch, German, English
Amsterdam area

Contact me with questions about:

  • Work-Life Balance: How do I achieve a healthy work-life balance? I am always busy. How do I find peace in myself? How can I handle stress and manage an effective lifestyle?
  • Uncertainty about life or career steps : What is the next step I should take, or in which direction? Which work-or lifestyle fits to me?
  • Talent/Creative/Self-Development : What are my talents and passions? I want to discover or increase my creativity and hidden potential.
  • Questions about the Meaning of Life : What do I really want in my life? I want to know what is holding me back to really be happy.
  • Questions about Relationships: I want to know whether I should continue with this (romantic) relationship. Why am I not able to feel love?
  • Body-Mind Connection: : How can I connect and integrate all the dimensions of my being (ex.: body, mind, soul, social,…)

How I work: The first session is an intake session of about 30 minutes. During this intake, we will get to know each other so that you can find out whether there is a click between us. Moreover, I will introduce you to the integrative way of working. The integrative way of working takes place in the “here and now”. During the sessions you will discover your personal potential in order to maximize your success. You will experience growth of your personal development, self confidence and your motivation to use your hidden possibilities which you will more and more uncover. There are a vast amount of methods which we can use to uncover these possibilities in you such as: mindfulness, autogenic training, body exercises, humagination,…

A coaching program is about 6-10 sessions. During each session you will experience that you gain more grip on your situation and a clear view on your goal. The time in between the sessions is also very essential as you can use this time to process all the insights you have discovered and set the vital steps to achieve your goal. Of course we will evaluate your between-session experience in the following sessions to optimize the process for getting there where you want to be.
At the end of the coaching program, you will experience that you have built up more self-awareness and trust. You will either have achieved your goal or will have the tools to get there yourself. I believe that after a good coaching program you won’t need me anymore.

Trainings and certifications:

  • MSc Social Psychology, VU Amsterdam
  • Integrative Therapist in training at the Nederlandse Academie voor Psychotherapie
  • Vinyasa Yoga Teacher at Yoga Moves, Utrecht (Yoga Alliance)
  • Junior+ Consultant at &Samhoud, German Country Manager at Roamler
  • Kauffman Scholarship (Harvard, Stanford, MIT) for Entrepreneurship
  • MSc Strategic Marketing, BSc Economics and Business, SBE Maastricht

Make an appointment: Check the agenda to see when Corinne is available and schedule your free intake.

Corinne offers the following types of coaching:

Besides the personal one-on-one coaching Corinne also offers the following types of sessions:

  • Skype-coaching
  • Coaching on the job
  • Team Coaching:
  • Creative team sessies (Design Thinking):
  • Teambuilding activities
  • Team Yoga

I believe that after a good coaching program you won’t need me anymore.

Testimonials about Corinne

”My compliments for the way you gave the team building workshop last week. I experienced it as very interesting and valuable.”

”I have already got a lot of insights about myself within the first session, I can build on this in the next session.”

”I want to thank you for all the energy, positivity, creativity and openness you shared with me during our sessions.”


”Dank dem Coaching bin ich von einem Job, der mich unzufrieden machte, zu einem Job gewechselt indem ich sehr glücklich bin.”

”Your sessions at our company led to a lot of energy, creativity and innovation.”

Coaching session

€ 139,-/Per hour
  • Always a free intake.
  • Private tariff is € 99,- (incl. VAT) per hour. Business tariff is 139,- (excl. VAT).
  • Determine the duration of appointments yourself.
  • Schedule your appointments yourself (on avg. every 2-3 weeks).
  • On average 6-10 coaching sessions per coaching programme.
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Agenda Corinne

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The coloured boxes labelled with my name represent the available times for coaching sessions. Reserve your (free intake-) session by filling in the contact form of sending me an e-mail. You will reveice a confirmation within 24 hours.

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Locations coach corinne

Amsterdam - Andreas Schelfhoutstraat

Praktijk coachlocatie:“”Sfeervolle, moderne en comfortabele praktijkruimtes, dichtbij het Vondelpark 

Andreas Schelfhoutstraat 48
1058 HV Amsterdam

Parkeergelegenheid: betaald parkeren.
Openbaar vervoer: zeer goed bereikbaar met tramlijn 1 of 17, halte Surinameplein.
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corinne320Coach locations Corinne

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In these tabs you will find descriptions of Corinne’s coaching locations.

Coach Corinne’s locations are also indicated on the map above.

Coaching practice location: Cozy, modern and comfortable practice rooms, close to Vondelpark

Andreas Schelfhoutstraat 48
1058 HV Amsterdam

Parking: Paid parking on location.
Public transport: Very well accessible by tram lines 1 and 17, stop Surinameplein.
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