This is Marlies: Open, Sincere, Positive and Thorough
Target group: Young Professionals, Millennials, Doubters
Coaching specialities: Job/Career Management, Performance Management, Personal Development, Stress, Burn-Out, Bore-Out, HR Advice
International experiences: I have lived in the United States of America
Languages: Dutch and English
Location: Amsterdam

“Nothing ever goes away until it teaches us what we need to know.”


  • Your career or Job management

Your career is more than a job and more than a way to earn money. Perhaps you have outgrown your current position. You like what you do, but you feel yourself changing and you want your work to reflect that. Or maybe there is a little voice inside your head telling you to change things up. Together we can map out a career that reflects who you are, what you need and what you want in your career.

  • Stress

Are you struggling to balance your time and energy between professional obligations and your personal life or relationships? Perhaps you are doubting yourself and questioning your decisions. Perhaps you are continuously overthinking everything. You might believe that you need to fit a certain standard in your career or relationships, but you worry about losing sight of yourself and your values as you try to meet other people’s expectations.

  • Self-Confidence

Or maybe you just feel like you are not good enough.

Do you wish you could understand why you feel uncertain, anxious or stuck and develop the tools and strategies you need to find stress relief and build self-confidence? As a coach, I provide a supportive and collaborative environment where you can do just that.


Throughout the process of coaching, I provide a safe, collaborative relationship where we can explore your career path or where you can explore why you are stressed. We will pinpoint both personal and professional goals and actively work towards them.

I give my full undivided attention to you, your thoughts, your body and your emotions. I take an active, engaging and solution-oriented approach to coaching, tailoring each session and all strategy to your particular strengths, goals and needs. By incorporating mindfulness techniques and other exercises such as focused breathing, you can learn to recognize and manage stress as it arises. In addition, you can develop new communication skills to better manage conflict, budget your time and be more assertive about setting boundaries. With my guidance, you can build the confidence and skills you need to feel calm and in control as you navigate life’s challenges.

Do you feel a bit anxious of being coached indoors? Then I have the right solution for you: coaching in nature. There are several locations in Amsterdam where you have a beautiful environment that provides relaxation in a natural way. You can choose to have our sessions there.


  • Psychology (BSc), Vrije Universiteit van Amsterdam
  • Work and Organizational Psychology (MSc), Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam
  • Effortless Coaching, Vital Performance, Soest



“I have experienced Marlies as an empathetic coach who is reassuring and patient. She brought me back to what I was feeling and what I needed to feel to give myself the right insights. Her openness during our sessions have helped me to be open to my own needs.”

Marlies is a nice person to work with. She is genuinely interested in my story and is not judgmental. Because of that I felt safe and at ease. She gave me the self-confidence I need to make my own decisions.

I have experienced the sessions with Marlies as pleasant and insightful. By asking the right questions we quickly got to the source of my issues. I am now more aware of my own feelings and thoughts. I have learned to reflect better on how I feel and make the right decisions. She has helped me on my way in coping with pressure at work and stress but also with dealing with big changes in my personal life.

Since March this year, I have started my sessions with Marlies. I have experienced this as very pleasant, because Marlies has a positive energy and she is a great listener. With her way of coaching she takes you closer to the places in yourself that can be painful, but that is how you overcome them. I now feel I am closer to my own needs and feelings and hopefully I can apply that when I am working again.


Next to the personal face-to-face coach sessions the coach offers:

    • Nature coaching
    • Coaching-on-the-job



Amsterdam - Wodanstraat 24-3

Wodanstraat 24-3
1076 CD, Amsterdam

Parking: Paid parking: € 3.50 p / h.
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Amsterdam - IJsbaanpad 9

IJsbaanpad 9
1076 CV, Amsterdam

Parking: Paid parking.
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Amsterdam - Van Eeghenlaan 27

Van Eeghenlaan 27
1071 EN Amsterdam

Parking: Paid parking in front of the door.
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Amstelveen - Bosbaan 4

Bosbaan 4
1182 AG, Amstelveen

Parking: Free parking.
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coach MarliesCoaching locations Marlies

In these tabs you will find descriptions of Marlies her coaching locations.

Bosbaan 4
1182 AG Amstelveen

Parking: Free parking.
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Van Eeghenlaan 27
1071 EN Amsterdam

Parking: Paid parking in front of the door.
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IJsbaanpad 9
1076 CV Amsterdam

Parking: Paid parking.
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Coach MarliesWodanstraat 24-3
1076 CD Amsterdam

Parking: Paid parking: € 3.50 p / h.
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