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Expat coaching

Are you a foreigner working in the Netherlands? A Dutch professional working abroad or planning to work as an expat? Then expat coaching by GORTcoaching might be something for you.

Expat coaching will help you cope with the foreign culture so that you can prevent it from causing any problems in your new working environment. Working in other cultural environments can lead to communicative difficulties that intervene with the quality of your work. The expatriate’s family might also have trouble adjusting to the new way of life, which can lead to issues at home as well as at work or school. At GORTcoaching we believe in equality in our coaching programs, meaning that our coaches are former expatriates themselves and have a lot of international working experience.

Long distance (abroad) coaching possible

Former expatriate coaches

No-nonsense mentality

Adjustable to your specific wishes

Practical information


  • €139,- euro per hour (excl. VAT) for businesses
  • For private individuals we offer a special tariff of 99,- euro per hour (incl. VAT)

Duration of programme

5 to 15 appointments. Personally adjusted by you and your coach.

When to start

Usually it’s possible to start a coaching programma any time, anywhere.


For questions or advice you can reach us at: 088 170 1500

Our USP's for expat coaching
  • Face-to-face coaching on location, over the telephone, via Skype or E-mail.
  • Specialized expat coaches experienced in working and living abroad.
  • Due to years of experience, GORTcoaching has become a coaching specialist and works with only the best coaches.
  • We offer coaching for dutch expats abroad, foreign expats in the Netherlands, as well as expat relatives.
  • The coaching program is adjusted to your specific wishes.

Choose your expat coaching programme

Coaching of relatives

Most of the time an expatriate brings along his/her family when moving to a foreign country. These relatives can also come across cultural difficulties that will make their stay abroad less pleasant. GORTcoaching doesn’t only offer coaching for the expat’s themselves but also for their relatives, in order to lend support to the family as a whole during their transition.

Pre-departure coaching

Before departing to work abroad for a longer period of time it’s important to be well-prepared. Working in a new cultural environment can bring with it a variety of (unexpected) challenges. Moving abroad and taking on a new job with new colleagues can be hard enough as it is, however it will be even harder when you are unprepared for the cultural differences. You can expect both personal and work-related surprises. Our pre-departure expat coaching optimally prepares you for your work experience abroad and builds on your knowledge of what to expect from the new country.

Post-arrival coaching

When you work abroad and you experience personal or work-related problems, it can be comforting to be coached by an expert with a similar cultural background who speaks your language. Over the telephone, via email and Skype, GORTcoaching offers you the possibility to flexibly attend your coaching program from abroad while speaking your own language.

Cultural awareness coaching

The biggest problems for foreign professionals in the Netherlands and for dutch professionals abroad are the cultural differences. Because of cultural differences, misunderstandings can quickly build up and hinder you from working efficiently and communicating effectively. Through cultural awareness coaching you can learn about the differences between your culture and that of the new home country. This will enable you to become more aware of the differences and to effectively bridge the gaps to facilitate smooth communication and thereby mutual understanding.

Our specialized expat coaches

Or choose your coach based on location

Below is an overview of our expat coaches’ locations throughout the country. Do you see a coach near you? Click on the location to view the coach’s profile.

No coach in your area? Call us at +31 88 170 1500 to inquire if there are any other English-speaking coaches near you.


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Or choose your coach based on availability

Do you have a certain day and time in mind when you’d like to schedule your free intake with a coach? Have a look at the agenda below to see when our expat coaches are available. Schedule the intake via their profiles or contact us at 088 170 1500 or use our chat and we will gladly assist you.

Quick planner: Free intake

Step 1: Choose your coach and check the agenda for their availability.
Step 2: The colored boxes with the coach’s name indicate available times that you can reserve for an appointment.
Step 3: Reserve your (free intake-)session by sending the coach of your choice an e-mail. You will receive confirmation within 24 hours.

E-mail your coach at:

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Having difficulty selecting a coach?

Please don’t hesitate to contact us, we’re always happy to help!