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Coaching for internationals
GORTcoaching is the specialist in individual coaching and team coaching with multiple locations throughout the Netherlands. Our coaching agency was born out of love for the profession and grown by enthusiastic customers who have gone through an inspiring coaching process. If you want to try coaching, then you have come to the right place. We are happy to help you!

International coaching
We understand if you are not fluent in Dutch and that you prefer to speak your mother tongue when you talk about personal issues. Therefore, we can offer you coaching in various other languages, in addition to Dutch. For example: English, Spanish, Italian, French, or Mandarin Chinese. Many of our coaches have an international background and several international experiences.

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Coaching voor Expats
A new country means new opportunities, this definitely applies when you just moved to the Netherlands. There are lots of opportunities for expats in this internationally oriented country.

Expat coaching
The principles of personal development are universal, but we experience that expats have slightly different needs. Therefore we tailored our coaching for expats. We offer expat coaching in different fields, expats generally come to us for career coaching, executive coaching, stress coaching and life coaching. There are several other possibilities, depending on the expat coach of your choice.

Best of both worlds
Our coaches are Dutch citizens, this means that they are experts in dealing with Dutch culture and know the Dutch labour market and working culture. Because of their education and their experience with the expat life, they know exactly how to deal with cultural issues effectively.

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Our specialized international coaches

“An orientation meeting is always free of charge”

What does a coaching program look like?

What does a coaching program look like?
Each coaching program is tailor-made. Together with your coach you will plan your program in line with the specific questions and needs you have. You can select a suitable coach based on the coach his/her personal profile. At the personal profile you can find the background, methods, target groups and specialties of the coach. On the basis of the specific profiles of the coach you can choose a particular expat coach that suits you best. In every region we have several coaches.

The orientation meeting
This conversation serves as an introductory meeting between you and the coach.

You and the coach will discuss:
– What goals you want to achieve and why
– What you want from the coaching program (when is the coaching program successful? What is your ideal situation?)
– Which approach or method fits best for your purpose

At the end of the conversation, you communicate with the coach whether the coach is a good match for you. If this is the case, you are ready to start your coaching program.

The coaching program
During your coaching program, you will work on your goals and competencies through discussions with your coach, reflection exercises and assignments. In consultation, it is also possible to take a test, for example a personality test.

Together with your coach you will:

  • Draw up an appropriate plan of action and put it into practice
  • Reflect constantly on the goals you set: are you on the right track?
  • After each session you will do exercises. The success of a coaching program depends on your own motivation and commitment.

Our coaches use techniques and methods such as Motivational interviewing, RET (Rational Effectiveness Training), Mindfulness, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Solution-Oriented Coaching, ACT (acceptance and commitment therapy) and MMS-motivation management service.

Final evaluation
In the last meeting, you and the coach will reflect on the coaching program and the process. Did you achieve your goals? Where are you now and what do you still want to tackle in the future? If desired, you can schedule a follow-up call after a certain time, to get together and discuss how it is going.


Long distance (abroad) coaching possible

Former expatriate coaches

No-nonsense mentality

Adjustable to your specific wishes

Career coaching

The first step towards a smooth transition to living in a new country is the search for a suitable job. We generally spend a great deal of our time at work and it is an important step in building a social network as well.

Process of personal development
Career coaching at GORTcoaching has the purpose of accelerating your career by promoting desirable and sustainable changes. This is achieved through structured and focused conversations and the use of appropriate exercises and coaching techniques. Career coaching is a process of personal development and helps you to get better insights into your qualities and weaker points, personality, motivation and working on your personal development.

Life changing
You will acquire profound personal insights that are often life-changing. During this process, you can also consider entrepreneurship, use tests or focus more on meaning in your life or career.

For who is career coaching?
Career coaching is for everyone who wants to get more out of their career, has doubts about their current career path, wants to enhance satisfaction or performance at their current job, or wants to land their dream job in the Netherlands.

Intercultural competencies

Moving to a different country always means different customs you have to deal with in personal as well as professional spheres. The habits you learned in your country of origin are usually challenged when you move to another country and this brings new challenges. Misunderstandings can quickly build up and hinder you from working efficiently and communicating effectively. Having the right intercultural competencies increases your opportunities and makes you capable of getting the most out of your expat experience.

Benefits of gaining intercultural competencies
Through training of intercultural competencies you can learn about the differences between your culture and the culture of your new home country. This will enable you to become more aware and to effectively bridge the gaps in order to realize smooth communication and mutual understanding.

Examples of intercultural competencies we distinguish are: awareness, sensitivity, knowledge, effective communication, relationship management, flexibility, stress resistance, patience and  adaptability.

Programmes for professionals abroad

Pre-departure coaching

Before departing to work abroad for a longer period of time it’s important to be well-prepared. Working in a new cultural environment can bring with it a variety of (unexpected) challenges. Moving abroad and taking on a new job with new colleagues can be hard enough as it is, however it will be even harder when you are unprepared for the cultural differences. You can expect both personal and work-related challenges. Our pre-departure expat coaching optimally prepares you for your work experience abroad and builds on your knowledge of what to expect from the new country.

Post-arrival coaching

When you work abroad and you experience personal or work-related problems, it can be comforting to be coached by an expert with a similar cultural background who speaks your language. Over the telephone, via email and Skype, GORTcoaching offers you the possibility to flexibly attend your coaching program from abroad while speaking your own language.

Practical information


You can find the prices on the profiles of the coaches. The price ranges from 109,- \ 189,- euro per hour depending on the accreditation level of the coach.

Duration of programme

5 to 10 appointments. Personally adjusted by you and your coach.

When to start

Usually it’s possible to start a coaching programma any time, anywhere.

Our USP’s for expat coaching

  • Coaching in your language of preference
  • Knowledge of the Dutch labour market
  • Face-to-face coaching on location, over the telephone, via Skype or E-mail.
  • Specialized expat coaches experienced in working and living abroad.
  • Due to years of experience, GORTcoaching has become a coaching specialist and works with only the best coaches.
  • We offer coaching for Dutch expats abroad, foreign expats in the Netherlands, as well as expat relatives.
  • The coaching program is adjusted to your specific wishes.

Having difficulty selecting a coach?

Please don’t hesitate to contact us, we’re always happy to help!

Testimonials from our customers:

I am very satisfied with what I got so far from my coaching sessions. If you think: “I am an expat, but I don’t need expat coaching” — like I did, you might still want to consider that someone who is an expat or lived abroad for a while can better understand your needs and worries. A specialised expat coach can help you and your family adjust to the new culture and the new way of life, but is not limited to that. The coaching you get can be on a variety of issues, but it comes from a former expatriate and might be more suitable for you.

Dana - Amsterdamian

Talking while you walk in the park, amongst all the greenery, the fresh air, plus the feeling of cadence and flow you are immersed in, and the meditative and relaxing effect of the whole thing! It all seemed ingredients for success. This experience has proved to be a surprisingly valuable gift.

I had never thought of searching the help of a coach before, but having someone at your side helping you to release your potential – in a smoother, more focused and efficient manner – is nothing short of amazing. Especially in those times when all the twists and turns, try-outs and obstacles start getting heavier, making you lose clarity of mind.

Ana - Amsterdive