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What is ambition?
Ambition could be defined as a strong desire to achieve something such as being successful, to distinct yourself from others and the willingness to strive for self-improvement. In general, being ambitious is considered a positive thing. However if your ambitions are set too high, it can have an adverse effect on your motivation and can become counterproductive to reach a goal.

What are your ambitions?
It is wise to know what your goals are and what you pursue in life. With that in mind you can develop and grow. However a busy working routine can sometimes prevent us from thinking about issues like what motivates us; why we chose our job or why we applied for a specific position in an organization. Your supervisor might ask where you want to be in five years. Colleagues, family and friends might expect of you to know how your future looks like, but sometimes we are unsure about our motives or we forget what our ambitions are. Try to ask yourself a question as “What motivates me?” or “Why did I choose this particular profession or study?”. That might help you find out if you are on the right track to fulfill your ambitons.

Discover your ambitions with GORTcoaching
Our expat coaches from GORTcoaching can help you finding answers to these questions and are able to coach you in English. They can support you to define your ambitions, set your goals and help you to adapt to new situations and environments. Next to that they can serve as sparring partner and help you to find out if your ambitions are realistic. Are you interested in getting to know one of our coaches? Schedule your first free personal appointment here.

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